Faith Produces Worship

October 23, 2011

Scripture: Genesis 28:10–28:22

It’s probably not a shock to most of you to hear me say that we live in a world that has a diminished view of the Bible as the Word of God.  Sadly this is not only true in the broader world, but we see far too many evidences of this in churches as well.  We have pastors who compromise doctrinal truth for the sake of interfaith unity.  We have a broader society that is demanded the systematic removal of anything with a scriptural basis from the public eye.  We have Christians who have become comfortable ignoring anything in the Bible that makes them personally uncomfortable.

The problem with this is that there is power in the Bible as the specific, inspired, revelation of God.

The Word of God in cooperation with the Spirit of God has the power to transform worldly, self-centered, self-serving people into true worshipers of God.  Let us not neglect His Word.