January 15, 2012

Scripture: Genesis 33:1–33:11

It is built into our sinful human nature to be selfish and stubborn.  We hold grudges.  We cut off friendships.  We stew over the smallest of slights, sometimes until it’s too late to do anything about it.

 In short, believers often refuse to do for others exactly what God did for us.  God requires us to forgive those who have wronged us whether they deserve it or not.

 One of the most important themes that runs through Scripture is reconciliation.  At the heart of the Gospel is radical kind of reconciliation where God laid out a plan to restore sinners into a renewed relationship with Him.  Within the Bible the idea of reconciliation is not unique to the Gospel however.  The more you study the text the more you notice the ideas of reconciliation and forgiveness originating both from God and even His people when they are acting in a godly manner.  Thus the message to you and I is that reconciliation is an important biblical teaching.