Community Groups are available for members of Franconia Baptist. The goal of these groups is to promote gospel growth, unity, and service through close, accountable, and committed relationships. 

Who can participate in Community Groups? 

Community Groups are available for FBC members and visitors who have committed to joining the church soon. Our aim is for Christians to first commit to the church family as a whole before committing to a smaller group within the church.

How do Community Groups work at FBC?

Community Groups meet at various times throughout each week, usually in someone's home. Groups are small by design, with the aim of providing an opportunity for FBC members to connect with each other in a close, personal setting. 

Community Groups have various points of emphasis—including inductive Bible study, prayer, sermon discussion, and ministry service. The ministry emphasis and teaching content for each Community Group are determined by the group leaders, with the guidance of the Elders. 

Who leads Community Groups at FBC?

Community Group leaders are identified and developed by the Elders. Community Group leaders regularly work together to ensure that members are best served by the groups. 

How can I learn more or get involved with a Community Group?

To find out more about Community Groups, please contact our church office at